Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weather hysteria is not productive

God bless the Michigan’s Mackinac Center for Public Policy — again — for decrying the excesses of governmental officials.

This time is cites hysterical weather-related traffic pleas and restrictions, citing examples from public officials in Lansing and Indianapolis.

The public didn’t need much encouragement to skip work or school, impeding progress, commerce and economic recovery along the way. But if a mature adult knows his automobile is functioning well and the roads are clear, he or she ought to be able to make short trips to the library or grocery store, or show up at work.

Kudos to Oakland government on Monday for telling county employees if they weren’t going to make it to work, they needed to take a personal day.

And if wind, rain, snow or sleet couldn’t stop delivery of U.S. mail, apparently the cold temperatures could, even in areas where mailboxes were accessible in West Bloomfield Township.

The day’s normal activities — school, work,  buying and selling — benefit all of us. Stay safe, yes.  But let’s add some common sense. Adults in a democratic society only need advice; they do not need to have their freedoms taken away.

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