Thursday, October 3, 2013

What if Obamacare Works?

If you read nothing else, take a look at Wall Street Journalist columnist’s David Wessel’s piece entitled “What If Obamacare Works?”

It reports what free enterprise advocates ought to know: competition drives down prices.

If the Affordable Care Act is so bad, why do insurance companies want to compete in the markets it has created?

For the first time in recent memory, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan seems to be running scared. Thirteen companies are competing against it in Michigan’s health exchange. Have you noticed BCBSM’s ads?

And in spite of what the president promised — you can keep your health insurance if you want it — employers will have a big voice in that, as Wessel points out.

Think of this: Why should employers have all the health insurance burden placed on them? It’s time for individuals to learn how much it costs businesses, and why they need to share the burden.

This will potentially revolutionize our health-care system. How can it possibly get worse? What it needs — and what Obamacare provides, in spite of what Republicans are saying — is a strong dose of competition.

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