Friday, October 4, 2013

Medical devices and the deficit

You’re hearing a lot of talk from Republicans about repealing the medical device tax that is helping fund Obamacare. But repealing the tax without repealing the Affordable Care Act would increase the federal budget deficit and the national debt.

Why can’t we all at least agree that we need to pay for the programs Congress enacts? Very simply, why shouldn’t taxpayers foot the bill for these programs?

If they don’t want the  taxes, do away with the programs. Enacting programs without paying for them adds to the national debt.

And the Grand Canyon is deep. Isn't it obvious?
The medical device tax would raise $30 billion over 10 years to pay for the subsidies and free care guaranteed by ACA to pay for health insurance for lower income people. How would we replace the $30 billion?

Meanwhile, delaying the ACA’s individual mandate would reduce federal spending because fewer people would purchase insurance. Thus fewer would receive free care — i.e., Medicaid — or insurance subsidies from the government.

However, insurance premiums would rise for everyone else because healthier people would not be purchasing insurance, thereby leaving only a less healthy crowd for insurers to cover.

Is there somehow a difference between the dollars we spend on health insurance premiums and the dollars we spend on taxes? 

These are not complex questions. Our lawmakers are taking simple issues and making them difficult through distortion.

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