Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How should America view retirement?

The Wall Street Journal had a great piece on America’s philosophy on retirement if you can get through the publication’s pay wall to view it. (WSJ: America needs to rethink 'retirement'.)

It basically says that if the nation taps into its older people as a workforce it will stimulate economic growth.

That’s all well and good if we are define the benefits of retirement in strictly material terms. But how about a more — shall we say — spiritual definition?

Many senior citizens use their retirement to educate themselves, through reading, film, television, cruising the Internet, gardening, golf and traveling. Some seek to get closer to God. Lest all of these activities sound self-centered, that would be a narrow way to view them. Don’t such pursuits make senior citizens better parents, grandparents, neighbors, church or synagogue members or volunteers?

And the so-called economic benefits mentioned in the article may never materialize. There’s one thing about facts, figures and projections: Sometimes human behavior gets in the way and functions in counterintuitive ways.

At any rate, it is all good food for thought.

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