Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Now if we had a real Congress ...

People who have decent jobs are experiencing some wage growth, according to The Wall Street Journal.

 But there has been little recovery for the young, the less educated and those who remain unemployed.

 Put another way, the rich are getting richer and the poor are, at best, only staying the same.

Seems like an ideal subject for Congress to discuss. But the issue has no pizzazz, and politicians could not use it to raise campaign money as they do with subjects like gun control, Obamacare or abortion.

And maybe there is nothing Congress can do, though it is a historical fact that income equality tends to increase when Democrats are in power and the wealthy have a harder time when Republicans are in office.

 Given the reputations of the two parties — with Democrats the supposed friend of the working person and Republicans favoring business — you would think it would be just the opposite.

 But here we are, sitting on a record stock market with fewer sharing the success. Banks are swimming in money.

There are probably many reasons why public policies often produce the opposite of the results that are sought. But that isn’t the point today.

 The point is that the people are growing impatient with Congress because it doesn’t seem interested in such practical bread-and-butter issues as how more of us can enjoy the good life. If we had a functioning Congress, such issues would be discussed all the time.

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